Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Plant Update & Curling Stones Field Test

Just a very quick note to inform members that the plant is now fully operational and the problem has been identified and repaired. Steps have also been taken to make sure the same problem doesn't occur again (hopefully).

Thank you for your patience. If you were effected by the closure please accept my apologies for any inconvenience. If you need to re-arrange games please speak with Steve or Aileen in the office as soon as possible.

With regard to the temporary stones we are testing as we now have considerable feedback we will review the position with a view to arriving at decisions on how best to proceed. We will publish the result of all the feedback and actions we propose to take as soon we have decided what they are going to be. It is a complicated process and a great deal has to be taken into account before we refurbish stones. Once stones are altered there is no going back so we have to get it correct first time. Your patience will again be appreciated.

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