Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Plant Failure Update

The Temporary Plant

Linked Up To Our Plant

The Ladies Open Pairs

After another day of up's and down's I am delighted to say we managed a full day of curling with the Ladies Open Pairs and various club games managing to compete.

It really has been a testing and stressful few days but it would now appear we are through the worst with the new plant back up and running and the ice rink back at the correct temperature. The plant still needs a couple of repairs but these should be fairly simple and shouldn't put the plant at risk. So we are told.....

To try and demonstrate just what we have been going through I have posted a picture of the temporary plant that had to be installed while the engineers sought the problem to the internal plant. As you can see it takes quite a bit of equipment even to hold the core ice never mind make the finished ice. Again my thanks go to Steve, Andy & Keith for their determined efforts to "save the ice". Perhaps we should start a campaign.

The other picture is a far happier sight as the ladies compete in the Ladies Open Pairs earlier today.

As I say hopefully the worst is behind us and we can now look forward to settled ice once again and continue to test the temporary stones to see what we want to do with our stones. Please complete the feedback forms as any final decision will be based on the feedback recieved.

Keep checking back for updates & news.

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