Thursday, 3 December 2009

Curling Coaching

We are often being asked about coaching for curling and we know there are many curlers both novice and experienced who would enjoy the odd session or two. Less well known is that fact that there are regular coaching session when you can simply turn up and participate. The sessions booked in at present are: -
  •  Sunday 6 Dec @ 10.30am
  • Saturday 12 Dec @ 3pm
  • Sunday 27 Dec @ 12.45pm
  • Sunday 10 Jan @ 1pm
  • Saturday 16 Jan @ 10.30pm
  • Sunday 24 Jan @ 1pm
  • Saturday 6 Feb @ 3pm
  • Sunday 14 Feb @ 1pm
  • Sunday 21 Feb @ 1pm
  • Saturday 13 March @ 3pm
  • Saturday 20 March @ 3pm
In addition Andy McGlynn holds sessions every Monday morning at 11am.
If you want to come along please feel free to do so you will made most welcome as can be testified by those already attending. We are in the process of creating a coaching & development notice board where more information on the subject will be found.
If any club wants to organise a coaching session for their members please get in touch and we will see what we can do.
Oh and don't forget about the RCCC Masterclass on December 19th we are still taking bookings for what is an excellent and not to be missed day.
Good Curling !!

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