Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Full Steam Ahead.......

Sorry there haven't been many postings lately. A quick holiday to warmer climates was needed but now back in blighty it is great to see the sports complex a hive of activity with the curling and bowling in full swing and the ice skating just about to start as well.

Thanks must go to Steve, Andy & Keith for the many hard hours of work getting the ice prepared and getting used to all the new plant equipment in such a short time. Particular thanks go to Steve for the many extra hours spent at the ice rink wrestling with fluctuating tempartures and teething problems. Indoor ice doesn't make itself so well done to all.

Thanks also go to Aileen for all her hard work in the office getting the ice bookings arranged and trying to keep everyone happy, often a thankless but necessary task.

I would also thank Linda, Moira and all the catering and bar staff and wish them a successful season. Please make use of all the services and facilities. It is your club and your sport let's have a great season.

More posts soon with pictures notifications and stories.

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